Tuesday, March 8

the pink parade

loved the cape pride this year. almost missed it to be honest. haven't jiggled out my calendar this year yet and when i organised with si to take some photos of me for the new site (THE most harrowing experience of my life. after that time with the chinese new year's luncheon dessert.) he reminded me that we ought to go and take a look at just one of the mother city's biggest events for gender non-comformity (a new, wordy phrase that includes everybody that isn't as straight as an arrow.)

shoo. that was a long sentence.

my pretties. the one thing i forgot to do TOTALLY in my rush to get there, was to ask more of the lovely paraders where they come from etc

these dudes scared me a bit. it must be said. i'm sure they're friendly enough. still. the whole black leather thing with cap has a whole dressed-down nazi on holiday feel to it.

anyway, mooshed along with the masses and took some photos, these are some of them - the others are on women24 - check them here.

i need a new camera. and i can NOT wait for my new site so's i can load lots of pics easily. the tedium of blogger's process with uploading pics is pissing me off immensely.

oao pretty plums

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cathwrynn said...

So glad you were there! It was an amazing weekend, and parade and party. My well socialised little mind has been puzzling over the wonderful feeling of relating with this level of acceptance and celebrationism.

Is it the wonderful spirit of playfulness and innocent self expression? It is the astounding absence of gender politics and powerplays? Is it the commitment to egalitarian values and personal freedom? Is it the cheesy cheerfullness of queer anthems blasting across the city? Is it the inescapable importance of social justice on a deeply personal level?

What ever it is, it makes for a great party!!!