Sunday, March 6

postsecret pic of the week

if you could do anything for a day, with no consequences what would you do? most of mine are pretty destructive. in no particular order:

1. jump off a mountain
2. cause an accident
3. randomly stab someone in the knee or at least push them really hard. or something.
4. hold up a bank with a big gun
5. murder someone i really really hate ... but after i've found someone to hate, which might be difficult cos i've never really hated anyone
6. drive super super super fast right off a cliff
7. do heroin and then hang-glide off table mountain
8. go completely mental in a public place to see how people react
9. barge into parliament and declare myself king of the universe


10. ...


10. ...

dunno. can't think of anything else. what would you do?


Zilda said...

I'd completely stuff my face with all those double cream, extra topping, delectable things and snacks and foods, I usually stay away from. Oh and I'd couple that with lots and lots and LOTS of alcohol.

The Scarlet Veil said...

Like Zilda I'd eat and drink lots, do lots of hardcore drugs and do lots of people!

dorothy said...

omg you guys are tame. or too nice.

The Scarlet Veil said...

I'm a lover not a hater...

silentcoder said...

1. Natalie Portman
2. Jenifer Connoly
3. Felicia Day
4. Salma Hayek

...wait... that wasn't what you meant was it ?

Johann said...

Oh my Fuck!

I'd take over Facebook and rename it Johann's Minions!
2) Have a fucking massive orgy for like a week ala Charlie Sheen. Fuck every fucken awesome woman I can find!
3) Pilot a JET!
4) Put my name on the MOON!
5) Instill sanctions against Australia...WTF island cant be a country and continent!
6) Drop Napalm on everyone wanting to make war!
7) Change all the DSTV channels to broadcast porn for the day!
8) Declare the day National Sex Day and everyone must participate


have fun!

Erin said...

Anything violent just doesn't appeal to me so I definitely wouldn't do that. Already done the stupidest thing every by standing in a cage with 7 venomous snakes so adrenaline isn't an issue with me. I'd rather have sex with a pornstar, host a wild hotel room/house party, drive an expensive sports car off the showroom floor without paying or permission and I'd try some hardcore drugs. And I'd definitely spraypaint anything and everything. Oh, and I'd walk around in the buff for the day.

Anonymous said...

well hmmmm
1. i would drive like all the other mofo's and tramp every freaken cyclist on the road.
2. rob at least 3 banks with very large automatic guns. i would mow them down
3. i would have random sex with very hot well belt random people...
4. would make all credit cards i could as there are no con's to this day.
5.go bungie jumping out of a hellicopter.... what a rush that must be.
6. then have more random hot kinky sex with a one person in mind.
7.would go hunting for one person so i could mow the bitch down and then i would reverse over the top of her just to make sure i got her good and proper.
7. then i would party like a rock/porn star till the break of dawn.

dorothy said...


pixelslave said...

1.I'd bath in ice cream. stark naked in a lambo, just to tan. a kg of sashimi.
4.deliver a baby, anyone's, I'm not picky.
5. dissect a human brain.
6. and then drink enough to forget delivering the baby.

Anonymous said...

1. Polish off a bottle of Absynthe and then tell my dad exactly what I think of him.
2. Have Julius Malema jailed for a month with that big horny mofo from the Brandhouse drink & drive ad.
3. Lower interest rates to zero for the rest of the year.
4. Ban all people who slurp soup from all restaurants. Forever.
5. Teach Graeme Smith some BMT.
6. Fuck each and every beautiful sexy bad ass I can find.

Zilda said...

Oy Dot! No judging in here please.
We get judged out there, every day, enough, so I declare this a judge freeeeee zone.

dignity said...

1) blackmail a rich rich oke
2) buy the best coke out there
3) steal a yacht
4) invite all those ive always wanna 2 shag
..... dont think i need/want 2 do much after that

kyknoord said...

I'd leave the tray table down and refuse to return my seat to the upright position.

dorothy said...

oh kyk, you make me gaffaw in significant quantities

dignity - blackmail charlie sheen and make him party with you - the rest is sorted

zilda - let me hug you

anony2 - i'm feeling you on the last one

pixelslave - love!

The Scarlet Veil said...

A few more if I may:

1. I'd approach every single woman I find attractive and I'd let my wife approach any man she finds attractive at any place, any time, and have us a threesome/foursome whatever (no consequences remember!)
2. I'd swim with Great White sharks - no cage
3. I'd join a pride of wild lions at their kill
4. I'd streak at a rugby/cricket/soccer match
5. I'd stand up in church and ask the dominee why he never ever talks about sex
6. My wife and I would partake in a debaucherous, anything goes booze, sex and drugs orgy at a swingers party