Sunday, March 27

postsecret pics of the week...

hahahaha the postsecrets were good this week. i liked this one. it reminded me of a convo i had last week about some 'are you normal?' show queen oprah screened last year. like what the average person does. some things that stick in my mind ... the average person:

1. looks into the tissue after they've blow their nose
2. looks into the toilet paper after they've taken a dump
3. hides food wrappers in the garbage so people don't know what they've eaten

not that those stick in my head cos i do that or anything. you know. or that i piss in the shower. ever.


i don't have a NSFW pic (well, not TOTALLY ... it's an illustration of an ass) but this was new for me and i thought i should share it with you. behold:

figging: verb, peeling a piece of ginger and fucking your partner up the ass with it.

this is very funny to me i have to say. pretty funny indeed.
oao plums.


The Scarlet Veil said...

Why would you want to have a piece of ginger up your ass? Piles?

dorothy said...

it's part of the s&m repertoire of kinkiness. while i have tried all manner of vegetable up my punani, i doubt i'd ever consider a ginger root up my bum. maybe for R5000. my curiosity comes cheap if i'm in the mood.