Friday, March 11

room 33

Room 33 Erika Lust from boolab on Vimeo.

Six directors were chosen to create a film short in 24 hours in the same building in barcelona, shooting at the same time for the project called HOTEL. This is Ms Lust's contribution.

Although i find the hotel in her depiction of it a little too cool to turn me on, i LOVE the idea - i want to be in a hotel like that. i'll take a MMF tonight please.

for more behind-the-scenes images clickety click. the other movies can be found on or check the whole movie running in sequence on lustfilms >> . i really enjoyed Roger Gaul and Steve Green's piece (the one in the bar) ... the last three are all in spanish with no subtitles. poo.

need it be said that lust's piece is NSFW?

happy friday plums


The Scarlet Veil said...

I quite like Erika Lust's work. Need to find out where I can get some of her movies. Searching...

dorothy said...

ms minky at whet emporium is importing - i'll keep the blog updated with info about this

The Scarlet Veil said...

Ah very nice, I'm waiting in anticipation...;-)