Friday, April 15



domain transfers are not so much fun
i've cried three times today

i don't really want to blog until the new site is up







and the only reason i have to go through this is because SOMEONE at hetzner through a small fit about naked people.


fuck you.

saying that, they are being really helpful and they have provided the best service so far. 70% of the frustration is fuelled by the fact that i'm being forced to leave such good service.



Shelldon said...

aggghhhh honey I feel your frustration! hang in there though, I for one love your posts so hang in there and get up and running when you can ok :)

dorothy said...

thank you darling :)

Kaloo5 said...

Not to be the bearer of bad news on an evidently bad day, but you spelt "Threw" wrong ;)
Right then. Back to your awesome posts :)

dorothy said...

thanks for that

Spear The Almighty said...

:) I'm a fan of your blog, but when you show pics where a dude is penetrating a lady, then you can't really blame them for saying it is "porn." Can you? I don't mind, I just understand what they are saying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Honestly... This is such fucking BS, nice to see that Hetzner supports freedom of speech and allowing their clients to decide what content they want to publish. /lame

I am a huge fan of your blog and hopefully this narrowminded, self rightoues twit who "denied" you can have hardcore porn nightmares for the rest of their life!

Sparky said...

can I haz hardcore porn nightmares for the rest of my life?

*hopeful look*

dorothy said...

thanks dudes ... but i am left wondering ... what did sonic say?