Tuesday, April 26



goddammit plums. i just carent get the boogy on with my blog cos at the back of my head is sitting the new site which calls to me, longing to leave the shackles of its dev test site but which cannot do so until? until the hosting has been sorted out. hosting. what a fucking nightmare.
are you missing me?
say you are.
don't make me come over there and get freaky on you.
i love colours.
my dev and design people do not love this about me.
they'll probably read this at some point.
tell me how much you miss me. best ode to dot wins a *big hug*.
ha ha ha.


Sparky said...

I'm safe.
our prenup specifically states "no freaky".

oh, how I wish you hadn't put that in now.


PS-I have the new Explosions in the sky. its caused a minor explosion in the pants. we should meet sometime so I can give it to you. the music I mean, not my pants

dorothy said...

is it telling that you are the only one to make an attempt at sending me blog love? is this the end for me sparky? is it? you and your ... your explosions and your pants?!

Sparky said...

why is this a bad thing?
me and my exploding pants have been a source of constant amusement for you in the past. granted, most of that amusement came in the form of pointing and laughing, but beggars can't be choosers.

perhaps others are working on more considered replies, where I just tend bukkake my replies without thought of the consequences.