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Should I be worried?

Last week tuesday i had sex with my friend. The condom broke during anal penetration but i did put on a new condom n we continued. But now she says some of the liquid that the penis releases during sex went in her virgina (shes not sure when the condom broke now shes asuming) and i can inpregnant a girl with that. 

A month ago she had sex with her ex boyfriend n they didnt use protection. After we had sex last week to ease her mind i bought a morning after pill but its 2 pills that u must take together. She lost 1 n just took the 1 she had now she says that pil can make her pregnant is that true? She was supose to get her period ova the past weekend she had al the pms symtom but it just never came. 

Now i know insemination take about 28days n she had sex with her ex boyfriend 28days ago (he also didnt ejectulate in her) but now as far as i know if its time for period n u have al the symtoms but it doesnt happen then u pregnant. Oh she recently went off the pill but she didnt take it the same time everyday anyway  so what do u think Dorothy am i in the kak or what?

Due to a cricket injury to my reproductive system i have 10-20% sperm count of ur average man

She had sex with her ex just after her period n well we did it just before her period but science wise with the 28days 4 semination to take place it must be him right? If it is me she should get her period now then miss next months period or is it the pill now thats shes not taking it its mesing up her cycle?

Please tell me what u think im loosing sleep over this.


let me get this straight. you had anal sex with a girl, the condom broke and she says some of the ejaculate managed to find its way into her vaginal canal, travel high enough to reach her cervix and inpregnate her?
assuming that anal is the only way you fucked her when the condom broke, if she is pregnant it's not with your kid.
but this, while she is fucking her ex - with or without a condom, ejaculate or no - and forgetting to take her pill and not worrying if the condom breaks or not...
do not sleep with this chick again - she is playing fast and loose with your life and her ex boyfriend's... and by the sounds of it, another human's if she does manage to get pregnant.
i'm all for a lot of sex, but all for keeping it safe - which none of you are.

some info:
  1. there is the semen in pre-cum, that little bit of translucent seminal fluid that comes out of your dick before you cum. this is why women fall pregnant on the 'withdrawal method' (pulling out just before you cum) 
  2. you cannot fall pregnant during anal sex alone. it would be a miracle baby to say the least. 
  3. the morning after pill -- not one, not two, not fifty of it -- cannot make you pregnant. it is a high dose of the hormone found in the normal contraceptive pill. you need semen or god to impregnate a woman.
  4. the morning after pill -- all of it -- is supposed to be taken within 72 hours. after that it is ineffective.
  5. insemination does not take 28 days. it is pretty much immediate. a woman's ovulation cycle is generally 28 days. and of those 28 days she is only really super fertile for 14, or something (don't quote me on that)
so my advice?
relax, stop fucking her, and stop fucking if the condom breaks.